Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks for the reassurance Teridr! I did recently write down all of the words the girls are saying and repeating. If I include mom/mommy and dad/daddy, Maya is saying 4 words on her own. Now, she also used to say "dog" but she hasn't said that in a few months. Sofia, on the other hand, is saying about 9 words and repeating about 4 others, probably more since she tries to repeat a LOT of what we say! But I have noticed that Maya is babbling more. I'm not too worried, I have a feeling she is fine, but I am still going to ask about EI. Can't hurt!

Here are some new photos:
Still Rear Facing at 17 months!

I start work again soon! I am excited since I will be back in the classroom and at a new school, but I will miss my girls! I know I am going to feel like I am missing so much since they are growing and developing daily. But my new school is year round, so that means I get more breaks throughout the year, which is nice. It won't all be saved up for summer. I think I will like that, although in the winter I will have to work intersession (like summer school) to make up for the extra days I will need to work.

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