Saturday, August 29, 2009

Responses to my last post

Rebecca- I agree somewhat. I am not totally against unions, but it is so "funny" to me how the weak teachers tend to be the union reps as well. And she was one. I do think having protection against horrible admin is a must though. I have seen some really scary admin.

Jennifer- unfortunately since it is a small school, she is the only history teacher, so I will have to work with her somewhat. But that's fine. If she is rude to me, I'll give it right back. I really feel sorry for the students though. But, I'd rather deal with her than the crazies I had been dealing with in my last position!

I will take pics next week and post them.

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Flerince said...

This is such an interesting blog! Love hearing about both aspects - bringing up baby and teaching in a school. And this is a good website for more parenting advice if you fancy checking it out!