Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow, I haven't updated in a long time! It has been busy around here. Toddlers are very active! We have to get out of the house at least once a day. Otherwise we all go crazy. One day a week we have a Babies Boogie class, which they LOVE! The other days we go to playdates, go to a park, go out to some stores- whatever- just to get out.

I like taking them to a park or a play date because then they can get out and run around, but taking them to a park by myself is a lot of work, and stressful. They always run in opposite directions. If I am with another mom, it is easier since it is an extra set of eyes and hands. So, we are pretty busy all day! If we are at home, they usually want me to read to them, play with them, hold them, or just sit in the play room next to them while they play. There is plenty of whining too! The computer area is in the playroom, but blocked off with a gate. The girls do not like it if I am sitting there! They want me to be on the same side of the gate as them. And this gate we have has these little areas that are predict size and shape for them to put a foot on and climb up. All day long I am telling them to get down and removing them. I say "Down" so often that now S. says "down!" and points down like I do. It's pretty cute. Especially when M. was trying to climb in the cupboard, and S. kept telling her, "Down!"

S. is saying and repeating a lot of words and sounds! She has a few words she can say on her own, and her favorite thing to do now is repeat words we say to her. Today, I wanted her to say "diaper". It came out as "biper" and was so cute! I'm a little concerned about M. though. She really is not saying much. She can say "mama" "mommy" "dada" "daddy"- but do those even count?? She says "Hi" and that's really all she says on her own. She has repeated "doggy" but not much else. She likes to sign though, so I know that is a good sign. At their 18 month appointment, if she hasn't started saying more words I am going to request Early Intervention. It certainly can't hurt!

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teridr said...

It can't hurt to ask the doctor about EI, but I wouldn't panic just yet, either. Lots of kids get a big burst of word development and language skills between 18 and 22 months. My first kid said maybe 10 words until she was 19 months, then picked up 10-20 words a day. My second picked up 1-3 words a day gradually starting at about 16 months, but never hit the big vocab boom that his sister did.

Both kids sound like they're exuberant and happy!