Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have been doing so well- even in a good mood despite being busy every single day of my break. Then today I went to the store to get Turkey Day stuff, and it was bad enough the store was super packed. But when I was in the check out line, I got the dreaded question. How far along are you?


Whenever this happens I'm tempted to go into a full blown explanation:
I had twins, 8 months ago. Both hubby and I work full time, opposite shifts so I have zero time to work out, not to mention that I have PCOS which makes losing weight very difficult. Plus I have diastasis which makes me look pregnant, so back off!

But no, I said, "I just had twins." Of course then she asks, "How old are they?" And I reply, "8 months" of course realizing that 8 months is NOT just having them. I'm going to blame celebrities. Aren't they good to blame for everything? I mean, Angefreakinlina was stick thin the day after she gave birth! And they say she is still breastfeeding?? NO WAY, because there is no way to keep your supply up without eating plenty.
J Lo looks like she never had kids, let alone twins! And it's not just xelebrities! I swear sooooo many twin moms in my twin group are also skinny right after having them! True, many of them did deliver early. I try to remind myself of that. I kept mine in baking until almost full term. It's just so frustrating!!! And really?? Who asks how far along you are to a stranger?? I have only considered asking when it is very obvious. Like, a perfectly round belly that you know is a preggo belly. UGH!

I never thought I would ever consider plastic surgery, but honestly, a tummy tuck sounds very nice- and it would fix my diastasis which is really what bothers me most.

Of course, I should be eating better too. I'm not completely blameless, but it is difficult.


Mrs. Piggy said...

I dont have diastasis or whatever, but I definitely look prego. Baked mine til 37.5 wks. I am a big part to blame though, cuz I eat like crap :) But I swear, come January 2nd :))))

I think you look great from what Ive seen, and those darn baby girls are too die for...ugh 8 months already? where is the time going!?!?

Natalie said...

UGH!!! That is aweful! I'd bet tempted to just stare and say, "Excuse me??"

Rebecca said...

That is sooo annoying. You could just ask them when they had the growth removed..."what growth?" Oh, I guess that's just the shape of your head/face/ass...insert your own body part here! Ahhhahahahahaa...if only I had the guts to say half of the stuff that's in my head...oh wait...what's what blogging is for!