Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanks everyone :) I especially love the "growth" comment!

I have a plan. I started recording my food in weight watchers. I did it a few years ago, and it worked, so I'm doing it again. I also am going to leave work early 2 days a week and go do cardio at the gym. I'm also getting a post-partum yoga dvd from netflix and will do that at least twice a week. I've had it with my weight. I don't even have many work clothes!

The girls are doing so well. They are 8 1/2 months now!! For awhile Maya has been crawling, pushing herself to sitting, and pulling up. I was getting worried about Sofia (I know, don't compare) but she was army crawling. For the last couple days she has been trying to push herself to sitting, but it wasn't working. Well, today, she did it!!! I was very proud of her!

I was also worrying about Maya because she wasn't eating much. It was a struggle getting 24 oz. of formula in her. She also wasn't taking much solids. Well, today that changed! She had 29 oz. of formula and ate plenty of solids! Maybe she is hitting a growth spurt.

I just realized tonight that we NEED to get out of our stupid condo. I realized that the annual HOA board meeting was tonight and I needed to go so I could vote and vote for a new board president. I had forgotten to mail in my ballot, so this was the last chance. I hauled the double stroller down our stairs, figured out a way to get both babies down the stairs, put Maya in, then started putting Sofia in. Well, Sofia's strap needed to be loosened and I've only used the side by side one other time. So I couldn't figure out how to loosen the thing!! It was taking me forever, and by this time both babies were screaming. And the neighbors were wondering what was going on. Finally I figured it out and put Sofia in. Of course they stopped screaming when I started walking.

We got to the steps (there are a few steps throughout the complex and NO disabled ramps) and as I was trying to figure out a way down, I realized that if I went down, I would need a way back up. And there was no way that was happening, so we went back inside the condo. By this time I was sweating profusely, very tired from hauling the babies around, and starting to get a headache. And also upset that I wouldn't get to vote.

So, yes, we need a house. It is just getting so ridiculous here!


Rebecca said...

Ugh...I hate the "getting places"'s the worst! Isn't it illegal not to have ramps? I couldn't imagine doing it with my two little nuggets much less 8.5 months olds! Forget cardio...just keep trying to get out of your condo!

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

That sounds like such fun! I'm sure I have many outings like that in my future too!

I wish you weren't moving so far away... I also have a goal to lose weight. I'm trying to lose 13 lbs in 13 weeks to get back to my pre-pg weight. If you are ever in my area, we could go work out together. I go to the YMCA in Kearny Mesa and I have some guest passes! (You look great, tho. Don't let that rude person get you down!)