Saturday, October 28, 2006

Round 4

I think I'm counting right. Round 4? Finally talked to my doctor. He increased my clomid dose since I did not ovulate last cycle. e are also doing IUI this cycle. I really hope this one works!

My husband and I went to a wedding a week ago. It was awful because we were sat at a table with 2 couples who had recently had babies (one had twins!) and the other couple was newly pregnant. Twice they talked about babies, and twice I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Hubby was really sweet though. I came back the second time, and he told me he finally figured out why I was going to the bathroom, and said he tried to change the subject. I thought that was very sweet! I honestly did not expect him to be so perceptive!

I also just got my Ovwatch, thanks to Lexie! I think it's cool that it will detect 4 fertile days. Much larger window than the OPKs. I'm also going to do the OPKs and compare the two.

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Lexie Ann said...

Remember with Clomid the opk's can give you false positives. I put an article on about it. looking forward to your posts on it.