Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am finally starting to not feel nauseous!! My appetite is coming back a bit, but it is still reduced. I am very thirsty all the time and must have water only. I tried drinking a vitamin water (which I LOVE) and couldn't drink it.

Must. Have. Plain. Water.

I've been eating healthier, and that helps a lot. But since I was nauseous this weekend, I didn't get much at the store. This week I started classes, so it's been tough getting food. And I was scared to eat much Monday and Tuesday because I didn't want to get nauseous again. Today I ate more and not just protein, and didn't get sick, so that was good.

It would be so nice if the met made me ovulate! I'm still trying to decide if I should start temping again. My RE doesn't want me to, but it is tempting!

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