Thursday, January 04, 2007

RE Visit!

Let me just say, that I feel SO much better now that I am at the RE!!!! The visit was great. She explained everything very thoroughly. She suspected I had PCOS, but unlike my first OB, wanted to confirm with tests! So while there, I got an ultrasound and I do indeed have the "string of pearls" I also had a larger cyst on an ovary that was not water filled, so she is going to watch it. I go back in 2 weeks and hopefully it will have gone away. I'm a little worried about it, but she told me not to worry. But of course, I WILL worry.

So I do have PCOS, but am getting more blood work done tomorrow. The blood work my OB had me do was not all of the b/w she needs to see about PCOS. I will start on metformin, and a side effect is losing weight, oh darn (sarcasm). I'm a little worried about some of the other side effects, but I will have to do some research and see how to lessen those with diet and whatever else. Then, it is up to me if I want to wait on injects or start right away. I think I want to start right away. I am NOT patient especially since I've been trying for almost a year and a half and have only ovulated twice.

I am feeling SO much more optimistic! I really like the RE, she is great and the staff is wonderful too!

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