Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not a good weekend!

I started Metformin yesterday. Was nauseous on and off all day and night. For dinner, I thought I would be ok to eat a burrito (whole wheat tortilla) from Rubio's. But I went to eat it, and it tasted nasty! It almost made me throw up! The good part about metformin is that it is suppressing my appetite so far.

DH is frustrating me. On New Year's, he said he was going to quit drinking to make sure his spermies are fine. I thought that was great! Well, that didn't happen. The last 2 weekends, he was helping his cousin move (he previously lived in Michigan) and they would go out after. Fine. I thought last weekend was the last drinking weekend. This weekend his cousin came down to visit and watch the game. Originally DH said he wasn't going to drink. Then, last night right before cousin gets here, he says he is going to drink some. That made me so mad! He said he wasn't going to get trashed, just have a few beers. Well, no, that's not ok! I have had to make SO many sacrifices, he could make this one! And, he couldn't even see it from my point of view. He said he did, but I don't think so because he doesn't see what the big deal is. I tried to tell him I needed his support, and by not drinking that is supporting me.

Remember, this happened minutes before cousin showed up. So we have still not had a chance to resolve this, and won't until cousin leaves tonight. I'm just so annoyed.

To make matters worse, a friend in my Buddy Group on another site was pretty mean to me. That, on top of everything else is not fun.

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