Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ahh, Provera. Turns out I do have to take the Provera. I spoke to a nurse (I think she was a nurse) and told her about my spotting/light flow, and she put me on hold to, I'm assuming, ask the doc about it. Well, she came back on the line and said I still had to do the provera. Unfortunately! I'm just hoping my cramps are not as bad as last time!

I have my next appointment in 1 week and I am anxious for it. I want to get on metformin already! I am so not patient. Funny, because today I was working with a student, and I work with struggling readers, and the co-teacher commented to me after about how I was so patient! I laughed and told her the ONLY thing I am patient about is students. I'm very IMpatient when it comes to anything else! Fertility especially!

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