Friday, January 19, 2007

The Plan

It feels so nice to finally have a good plan in place. I feel like I'm moving forward again with TTC.

I went to the RE yesterday and had my follow up appointment. I was super nervous because last time there was a cyst that was not fluid filled. The RE wasn't too concerned, but I was! She did the ultrasound and it was gone! That was a huge relief! We then went over all the other tests. I didn't write everything down, but a few I did:
Testosterone: 93
FSH: 3.7
LH: 5.8

So my testosterone is really high! She said it is higher than she usually sees with PCOS patients. She also said in normal weight PCOS patients, the FSH to LH ratio is usually higher. She said I was unusual because the numbers are pretty normal. But I did get Metformin! I am going to start it tomorrow. I had the choice of starting injects now, or waiting to see if the met made me ovulate. She wanted me to try the met first, and I agree. It would be NICE if all I need is the met!

DH got his sperm analysis, and it all looked pretty good:
count: 61.7 million
motility: 62%
morphology on strict Kruger scale: 11%

the morphology was a little low, but the doc said it was fine. So I'm going to try not to stress over it too much!

If anyone is reading this, and is dealing with infertility, please try to go to an RE. It is so much better than the OB or other doctor! Push for it if you need a referral and can't get one. I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I'm under the care of an RE.


Lynn said...

I agree. REs have specialized knowledge to help you get to the bottom of what may be causing a fertility problem. Also check out if you're looking for positive energy during your ttc journey.

Best wishes and baby dust!

Ash and Cat said...

I'll be praying for you & Chuck. When it finally happens, it will be such a sweet new chapter for the both of you. You two would make great parents!