Friday, April 27, 2007

I had a good RE appointment today! I'm going to have probably 6-7 good eggs. I'm a little nervous about it, but my RE seemed ok with it. She said twins are fine, but anything more is not - and I agree! She also said the clinic only has to do 1 selective reduction a year, so that is good too.

So anyway, tonight I am only doing Ganirelix, since I am responding SO well to Follistim and I don't need any more! My largest follie is 19. I have an 18 I think and a few 17. Tomorrow night I do Ganirelix and then at 3 am (yes, 3 AM!) I trigger! Monday I have my IUI at 3:00 pm. I'm excited! I'm really excited that I got to schedule a beta and so I won't have to POAS!! I know not everyone will understand my excitement at NOT peeing on a stick, but some of you can! I would rather not get my hopes up by seeing 2 pink lines. Or even worse - the word "pregnant" on it and then it turning out badly.

I am excited, and a bit nervous, for Monday!

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Shellie aka Notamommayet said...

I'm ecstatic for you Heather. I can't believe you are at the point of triggering.

F/Xed for you!