Sunday, April 15, 2007

I tested again this morning, but with a different test. I thought, according to, that the Target brand with 2 lines was supposed to be pink due. But mine was blue dye. I've heard bad things about the blue dye, so I was not happy. Well, I got another + but it was also faint.

I found some pics of BFPs that were really faint, but those women are still pg so I feel a LITTLE better, but not much. I need a beta! I am calling first thing in the morning.

Thanks for the comments! I will update people at the different sites I visit when I get a blood test confirmation. I am just way too nervous yet. I'm still in shock.


Chili said...

Crossing everything crossable for you! Good luck with the beta!

Nichole said...

Hi Heather! It's Nichole from FF. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, I hope this is it. Good luck, I'll check back tomorrow.