Sunday, August 12, 2007

I found sour Jolly Ranchers! I got a little nauseous yesterday, and it seemed to help. But of course, I go and buy the sour stuff and really didn't get very nauseous at all! And then, of course, that starts to worry me!

Today we are going to see my Hubby's friend's new baby. This is the first time I will be able to stand being around them. It was really difficult before, when I wasn't pregnant. It's still difficult, because of their situation. They have 2 kids, they didn't want and couldn't really afford another, she was on birth control, and they still got pregnant! It really drove me crazy. Now, I think I'm in a position where I'll be ok. It still frustrates me, but I can deal now.


Babe* said...

Congrats on finding the sour candy. I hope it helps ease your m/s.

Sara said...

I love the u/s picture- it is so precious to see the little one! I am so happy for you, so excited, I can't describe it! It finally happened for one of us!!! With the nausea- the bands actually do work- I didn't think that they would- I get really carsick and this last time we thought we might be pg we got some and I didn't have any issues with motion sickness or nausea even on the windiest roads that normally make me really sick- also if you can find them- a candy called 'gin gins' I get mine at Cost Plus- they work really well and a bag is really cheap- the preggie pops and drops do work great, but are pricey! I can't wait to here if there is more than 1 in there- that would be pretty cool- but 1 is just as awesome- keep in touch, okay! Sending you tons and tons of love and sticky vibes and everything else that I can think of- take care- Sara