Friday, August 24, 2007

Thanks for all the supportive comments! They were really nice to read :)

I've had a few good days of little to no nausea. Of course, today - it's back. I had a training session for work today, and that was miserable. I had to disappear to the gross bathrooms for like 20 min. because I thought I was going to throw up. I ended up dry heaving a little. Yuck.

I got to leave early for my OB appointment, and that went really well! Dr. O is very nice! He fit in me in today - probably on his lunch hour and took as long as I needed answering my questions. I never felt rushed at all, which was nice. I also got another ultrasound - abdominal this time - and I got to HEAR the heartbeats!!! That was so cool!!! It was so weird that they were coming from inside me! It's jsut so weird because I really started to think I would never get pregnant. Now I am VERY pregnant, and in a way it still doesn't feel real.

Dr. O said that the perinatologist should be calling me today (he didn't) or Monday, and that if he doesn't call me on Monday, I need to call Dr. O by 3:00 before he goes on vacation so he can do something about it. I thought that was great! So, I'm pretty sure I will be staying with Dr. O even though I really can't stand the front desk. He's just so great.


Fertilize Me said...

FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!! (the heartbeat news, *not the gross yucky Morning sickness) Good luck when the Perin-dr calls you

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well and you have a good doctor--very important. My prayers are with you as you are making important decisions. Will you share the sex of each of your triplets when you find out? We could help you name them LOL!

Brian, Melissa and Nathan said...

I am glad that you are choosing to stay with Dr. O. He really is a good guy and I always felt like he was there for us. He was really supportive when I ended up have GDM and when my hubby had to go out of town for work at 39 weeks he offered to write a letter to try to keep him home. Don't worry about the front desk, share your concerns with his nurse and she will make sure you get what you need.

Sara said...

I am so glad that you found a doc that you are comfortable with...hope that the nausea thing gets a little better (at least when you are in the nasty bathroom place ;) ) Hang in there and take care!

Babe* said...

Congrats on hearing the heartbeats. I'm sure words can't express the emotions you were feeling at that moment.

Good luck with the perinatologist.

Karen said...

If you don't reduce, please consider seeing a perinatologist exclusively. It was VERY hard for me to give up my OB, whom I adore with all my heart, but it was about the best piece of advice I every received, and I'm very, very glad I followed it. If you do reduce, I'm glad you've found a doctor you trust and who works with you and obviously cares about your individual care.

As for the morning sickness, whether this remains a triplet or a twin pregnancy, you are expected to be hyper-emetic, and you shouldn't suffer in silence. Please speak with your doctor about it. You can get a prescription for Phenergen or Zofran (generic name = ondansetron). The Zofran comes as Oral Disintegrating Tablets, which are a bit easier to keep down if you're really throwing up a lot. But either way, there is NO reason to suffer through "morning" sickness. You don't have to, and you shouldn't.