Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thanks for the comment! My OB right now is Dr. O'Hara. Did he deliver you? I was thinking of switching because I know there would be a chance that the other one in the office (forget his name right now) would deliver me, and I really don't want him to. I'm not sure when I'll switch over to the OB, but I'm sure I'll find out on Thursday. Honestly, I wish I could just have my RE the whole time, but I know - her job is to GET people pregnant. I just really like her and everyone in that office a lot.

I had more symptoms last night, so that was nice :) Even though I woke up to go to the bathroom and got super dizzy, at least something was happening!


Inconceivable said...

I am new to your blog and a lil late on the Congrats! But still wanted to wish you lots and lots of blessings to you - farah

Brian, Melissa and Nathan said...

Dr. O'Hara did deliver my baby. I had Gestational Diabetes, so was induced and since he followed my pregnancy, he also promised to be there to deliver even though he wasn't on call at the hospital that day. He was so great! Do consider keeping him. Ask early on if there is anything you can do to have him deliver. Anyway, again so happy for you. Being a mommy is the BEST!