Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Third Ultrasound

I was a little less nervous for this appointment, which was good because my blood pressure was down a lot. It was pretty high for the first 2 since I was so nervous!

I still have 3 in there. I'm very nervous about that. We are seriously considering reduction, but will be talking to the perinatologist. I'll find out all the facts first before we make our final decision. The small one is measuring a whole week behind the others, which is weird. But we saw all 3 heartbeats! The big 2 are getting bigger! It's crazy to see them grow!

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My doctor told me that I only get to stay with them a couple more weeks! I am SO SAD! I want to stay with the REs office for the whole time! I LOVE them there! :( She also said it was important I get in by Sept. 10th so that I can get a referral to a perinatologist. I thought, no problem, I'll go over to the office now and set it up. UGH. The way this medical group is set up, it is just annoying. All offices are in a couple buildings, and the people who work the desks are incompetent. So I explain the situation, tell them I have triplets and she says, "Well the first appointment is usually between 8-12 weeks with the nurse practitioner"
Um, NO, sorry. I need to see the doc! I explain AGAIN I need to see the doc to get a referral. She says she'll leave him a message. I can tell from her typing that she did not put anything about a referral in there so I told her to add that.

It's just such a huge change from the level of service I get at my REs office. I wanted to change groups, but I can't right now since I need to be seen by the perinatologist soon. It wouldn't go through quick enough, so I'm stuck for now. It's just annoying having to deal with it!


Fertilize Me said...

WOW o WOW o WOW - 3 heartbeats - sending you lots of thoughts

Karen said...

Good luck. We struggled with the reduction discussion. Obviously, we decided against it, but I think it's a very personal decision that every couple has to make based on their own circumstances and criteria. If you look back into my April archives, you'll find some of my reduction posts... but they are definitely biased against reduction, just FYI.

Kateshuman said...

You know I read this comment someone made back on one of your first posts and I was SHOKED that someone could be so rude about a difficult decision reduction can be. I was wrong, they were right. You made your mind up about reducing before you even found out you had three heart beats. This is terrible! How on earth are you so casual about terminating one of your babies? You mention you are thinking about it and you are "so scared there are three" before there are even any specific risks to your pregnancy! Plenty of TTC would DIE for triplet, so next time think about that and how insensitive that is!! people have healthy triplets all the time! this is so so so sad to me. Especially in a trying to conceive person. You say you want children so badly, yet you so easily give one up. BTW your blog should really read "Trying for a Baby...and Got three but decided we only wanted 2 instead because we feel like we can use fertility drugs to make babies and dictate exactly how many we will be getting" THIS ISNT BURGER KING. This seriously breaks my heart into so many pieces.