Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh, I guess I never mentioned how many we were reducing to. We are reducing to 2. Twins still have a risk, but not nearly as high as triplets. I could not reduce any further than that (unless I absolutely HAD to), and actually, none of my doctors (RE,OB,Peri) ever even brought up reducing to 1.

The nurse from the peri office called me back. Actually, *I* had to call and got transferred to her voicemail. The first time I called I asked for voicemail but the girl said she could just take the message. I had a feeling the nurse wouldn't get it. Anyway, she called back and said the only thing I could take was Motrin. But I have a feeling she didn't even consult the doctor. I really didn't feel like dealing with it anymore, so I let it go. So now, I'm just hoping I'll be ok!


Anonymous said...

You're smart not to buy into her talking to a doctor - bet she didn't. Motrin is ibuprofen, which is only okay in pregnancy - tylenol is a safer alternative. My OB prescribed vicodin for my migraines, which is tylenol and hydrocodone. I'm only to take it if I have great need, but, like she said, I've still got to be able to live my life, and not spend it for days in the fetal position in pain. Don't know if any of the above is useful or not. I'll be thinking about you and I know it will go okay. Be strong. Ignore stupid people - they take too much energy.

- J

Donna said...

I am hoping my question is not insensitive, but how is the decision made as to which one to remove? Is it random or is there a selection made on criteria?

I am anxious for it to just be over with for you so that you can go on and feel the joy of planning for your nursery and so on.


Hang in there Heather, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care!- Sara

Natalie said...

Twins will be awesome. :) Still a lot of work, but the twin mommies I know love having twins. :)

I hope everything goes really smoothly for you girl. You deserve that much, at least.

Truck Driver Wife said...

I will say an extra prayer for your comfort and peace tonight for your procedure tomorrow.

My heart breaks for you as you make this difficult decision.

Fertilize Me said...

sending you good thoughts and prayers