Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I definitely feel better today. Hubby called last night and I mentioned I vacuumed. Then, I woke up when he came home and I got up. We talked, and it was good. I told him (calmly- which is a first!) how I felt, listed everything I did that day, and just how we both need to do the housework equally. It definitely helped. Sofia woke up after I had gone back to bed and he got up with her. I later saw that he fed her too. Much better than bringing her into me! He also did some cleaning and folded his laundry today, so that was nice.

Another reason I feel better is because I got to go to my therapist appointment. I have been going to a psychologist for about 8 years now. It helps SO much with everything. It's funny, because all I do is talk, and if I'm having a specific problem she will sometimes suggest ways to handle the situation, but mostly I just talk. I always feel better after, but always wonder- is this really helping me? I mean, it makes me feel better, but is it doing anything? Well, it is. She pointed out to me today that I usually bottle things up and then explode, but I didn't let that happen with the issue with hubby. I also wrote that email to the co-worker and confronted that. I would have never done that before. So, it really is helping. Plus I can also now identify when I am having a depression episode. Before, I would just get depressed and, sure, I would feel depressed, but I wouldn't recognize it as something the chemicals in my brain are doing. Now I can recognize it. And I have been depressed lately.

I called my OB to get my prescription upped, but that hasn't helped. Very weird, because before when I was on pa.xil it helped so much! So now I need to find a psychiatrist. Luckily my psychologist gave me the name of one she thinks is covered by my insurance. But we also talked about how it could be because I'm stressed at work and I don't have much down time at all. I think it is a combination of everything.

And now, I will leave you with a cute video of Sofia in her jumperoo:

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Rebecca said...

I love how she looks all confused and then happy happy happy!!!

Good luck with the prescription...insurance is such a PITA, but hopefully it'll work out! Glad you're feeling better.