Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have been so busy at work and at home. The thing about my work is that I either have 10 million things to do all at once, or nothing. I have not contacted the union yet. And I think I can only file a grievance against my boss. But there must be something I can do about a coworker. Oh, I think it was yesterday the co-worker and my boss met with me to go over some stuff. I can't remember how this came up, but the co-worker was talking about her husband taking some English class. He had to write a paper and she wanted to know what kind of paper.; Finally figured out it was a persuasive paper and she told him that he should write it on how unions have destroyed this country (or something to that effect). I know unions have their problems, and I don't always agree with them, but they do a lot of good! And really- you got a raise last year because of the union! SO I thought that was telling.

Anyway, enough work talk. I'd rather talk about my favorite things- my girls! They are 5 1/2 months. I cannot believe it. In a couple weeks they will be 6 months. Half of their first year will be over! That is so crazy. They are growing and changing daily. During the day, Maya has scooted, of course when hubby is not looking. And I have not witnessed this at all. It's scary to me that they will be moving around soon!

I'm trying to get them to say "mama" first. I know that "mama" "dada" and "baba" sounds all come first. Hubby I know is working with them during the day to say "dada" and I do my part with them in the evening to say "mama" We will see who wins ;) Watch, they will say "baba" first!

I put Maya in the exersaucer again. When I tried the first time, she was just too little. She is a good size for it now. It was so cute- there is a little console that makes noise and lights up when you press buttons. She was smiling and then hit a button and it made a noise and lit up. That really surprised her and she had this look of shock on her face! It was so funny. She really liked the exersaucer, but is so different with it than Sofia. Maya just likes to laugh and smile at everything- except when the noises surprised her!

Sofia is very intense in concentrating on that console when she is in the exersaucer. It's like she is studying it, trying to figure it out. She always has this look of concentration when she's playing in it.

I love how different they are and I am so lucky to get to see two grow up at once. I can't even get over what an awesome experience this is. I absolutely LOVE being a twin mommy! I can't imagine only having one. Sure, it might be easier, less work, but it is so great to watch both of them grow and change.

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Beth said...

I cannot believe how fast this first 5 months has flown... it also must be so neat having two totally different little girls to watch!