Saturday, September 13, 2008

I was looking at a website and it had a list of the top 10 most useless baby items, as voted on by moms.
Here is the list:
#10 Diaper Pail (Genie and Champ)
#9 Shopping Cart Cover
#8 Boppy Nursing Pillow
#7 Infant Shoes
#6 Hanging Diaper Stacker
#5 Bumbo Baby Seat
#4 Baby Robe
#3 Crib Bedding Set with Bumpers and Quilts
#2 Wipe Warmer

And the most useless thing of all?
#1 Bottle Warmer

I disagree with some of these!
#10 I would not say a diaper pail is that useless. The Champ makes me angry and I wish I would have gotten the De.kor though.
#9 I am planning on getting a shopping cart cover. Shopping carts are SO GROSS and germy!
#8 Love my Boppy! I did not use them to nurse but I used it for tummy time and now I use it to prop them up sitting. I also have the newborn loungers which I still use to feed them on.
#7 I agree. Though I did buy some. They wore them once. But they are cute!
#6 I disagree! I use mine. Love it. Keeps diapers where I need them and doesn't take up room
#5 I love the Bumbo! I have 2 and use them.
#4 never thought about getting. I do have the hooded towels which I love
#3 I agree. I did not get a set since I knew I wouldn't use the bumpers or most of the other stuff too. I bought sheets separately and I think it was a little cheaper.
#1 I agree. I used it for a little bit, then I just fed them bottles cold. It was easier.

Why isn't the Wipes warmer on there? I bought one, but then because we had to wake them up to eat and wanted to keep them awake, we used cold wipes. I have a warmer, took it out of the box and never used it.

I think the ranking of items really depends on the mom. Every one likes different things. And I think having twins changes some of the things you might like/dislike. So that's my take on that list.


Mimi said...

I'd take these off the list!

#9 Shopping Cart Cover
#8 Boppy Nursing Pillow
#7 Infant Shoes
#6 Hanging Diaper Stacker

#7 was iffy, but because my DH has this 'thing' about toes we wore shoes a lot! Hey, they can be really cute and out DD was cruising furniture at 7 months, so yes we were in shoes early!

The shopping cart cover?! Would not, not ever take that off the list! I'd have had 3 if I could have found cuter colors! If I don't even tought the handles myself why would I want my baby to be able to?!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it depends on the mom. I personally found my diaper genie to be the most useless thing I invested in. I wonder if there's a list of the top 10 most useful things? I have to say that bouncy seats were the most useful thing! I also loved having the little cooler that fit in my diaper bag to keep their bottle cold. You simply slid two ice packs (one inside on each side) in he bag. I could keep formula cold and even juice later on. This was even nice to keep sippy cups in with whole milk inside for trips.
Also, I had the high chair covers for my twins. I found it easier to take along an antibacterial wipe to clean the seat off as opposed to finding room in my diaper bag to store two of them.

Karen @ Chez Perky said...

Wipes warmer is on there... it's number 2.

I agree with some of things on this list. I think Diaper Genies are the stupidest things ever (but diaper pails in general aren't stupid, I just think some are stupid designs).

But I think when you're talking about multiple kids... it's a whole different ball of bananas. The boppy pillow? OMG I couldn't live without them! I would pop two babies in boppies while I was feeding one and then rotate and that's how they got tummy time when they were too little to be put directly on their tummies (Abby was only 3 1/2 pounds when she came home from the NICU). \

Bumbo Seats? I had three with trays and that's how I fed them when I first started giving them solids!!

For me the hanging diaper stacker isn't so useful - it doesn't hold enough diapers for triplets for me to think it's particularly useful, but I can see why it would be useful to someone with less than three babies.

If I had a singleton I might get a shopping cart cover - but with three, it's not likely I'll ever need one - I just keep them in a stroller and don't use a cart, so I have no opinion on that one whatsoever.