Monday, September 29, 2008

I need to vent.

It has been going well with hubby, but he's really been making me mad! So we both work about 40 hours a week. He works maybe 48 hours. We both have to watch the girls. So, it makes sense that we each share the housework pretty equally. Well, that hasn't been happening lately!

Let's take today for example. Here was my day:
5:00 am wake up, take shower
5:30 the girls were up so I went ahead and fed them
6:00 put them back down to sleep, made breakfast, ate breakfast, got ready for work
6:50 Left for work
7:15-2:00 worked. Worked through lunch as I usually do
2:00 Left work a little early so I could go to the grocery store. I did not get to go to the grocery store this weekend because hubby worked Sat. and then went to look at houses Sunday. I can't take the girls to the store when I want to get more than a few things. So I went right after work.

I need to add that I had asked hubby to vacuum and he told me he would when he got home Sunday. He forgot. I asked him to try to vacuum today. He said he couldn't, so I said well at least vacuum the girls' room.

3:00 got home from the store, carried in groceries. Asked hubby to go and get the last 2 bags. He complained about doing that- said he had to get the girls down. I said I would do that please go and get the bags. So he did. I left the groceries to put the girls down, thinking that hubby would see the groceries and put them away when he got in. After I put the girls down I started folding my laundry. I came back to the kitchen and hubby was sitting on the couch- eyes closed. Groceries were not put away. By this point I am very mad. I put the groceries away. Then I loaded the dishwasher.

3:30 I continue folding laundry and wonder when hubby is going to leave for work. I haven't sat down yet since getting home. Finally he says bye to me. I think he knows I am extremely mad because he was being nicer than usual. He should know that I am super mad because I did not say anything to him. I usually will say something.

The girls will be waking soon and I will play with them, feed them solids, feed them their bottles, then by that time it should be bedtime. After that I will eat dinner and relax (hopefully) for a couple hours. I need to vacuum though! IT's driving me crazy. Maybe they can play in the pack n play while I vacuum.

Anyway, that's how busy I have been. And it is really wearing on me. We both work hard, we both take care of the girls. We both need to do chores. I cannot do everything. I was wondering why I have been SO tired. I have been going to bed at 8:30 lately! Well, now I realize just why I am so tired. It's getting ridiculous because I cannot keep up with all the cleaning. I just can't.


Natalie said...

I don't have kids, but I am having the same issue with my hubby. Why is it that he gets to play his game all night while I do all the housework when we're both working? Gets me SO angry. What the %$#%! is wrong with them that they can't see past their own nose?? (I actually threw a complete fit this weekend about something along this line.)

Rebecca said...

That sucks...sounds like you guys need to have it out. It'll make you feel better and him realize how much you're actually doing. I think that just reading this post would make him realize! Good luck and try to relax.

PS - I had a friend in a similar situation and she just stopped doing everything for a couple of weeks (drove her nuts). The point is, he finally realized how much she did...she called it her "strike."