Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 Days till B-day.

Yes, it's going by really slow. At this point, not sure what to think. I had some cramps yesterday and then last night I woke up with cramps :( I'm TRYING not to think about anything my body is doing, but it is really hard. I'm on break right now, so all I have been doing is sitting at home. That gives me a lot of time to think about every little thing my body is doing, or not doing! Luckily, I do have the new Harry Potter book to keep me busy!

I have also been taking my temp the last few days, just because I was curious! I know injects can mess with the temps, but I was curious. And it has been high. But I'm trying not to think about any of this!!!

So let's see, what else can I ramble on about to keep my mind off things? Harry Potter is excellent! Very dark, I love it. I'm a little more than halfway through. All my friends are farther along than me, so we can't yet discuss the book, and that sucks. I also went to see the new Harry Potter movie this past weekend. I was disappointed. I knew before I went that they had cut a lot out. I was prepared, but I was still disappointed. I think they could have done a better job. I was mad that they basically cut Kreacher out of the movie. They showed him a couple times, but he played a large role! And in the new book he also plays a large role, so they really should not have cut him out of the movie. Do they even consult Rowling when writing the script for the movie I wonder? The movie just seemed disjointed and I wondered if someone (like my husband) went to see the movie and had not read the book, would they understand? And he did understand, but he did not get everything of course since they cut so much out. Honestly, I think they should've cut down the part with Dumbledore's Army practicing, and put in Neville's part.

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