Thursday, July 26, 2007

Someone asked to explain what a beta is, so here is an explanation. Basically, it is the blood test they do to detect Hcg in your blood. The beta gets a number, which tells you how MUCH is in your blood. They repeat the beta after a couple days to detrming the doubling times. Normal pregnancies will double every 72 hours.
Here is a link:
Beta Numbers

My last chemical pregnancy I had a beta of 14 - really low, and it ended soon after. This one is much better, 311. It is definitely a good number. Of course now, I have to NOT stress about if it will double. I have to wait until Monday to see, and I am so trying NOT to stress, but I am a stress case. I'm trying not to think about any absence of symptoms or anything, but I always start to think about it. I just need to slap myself! :)

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