Thursday, July 12, 2007

The IUI was today! I was scared once again that I had already ovulated because since Tuesday, I've been having pain in my right ovary. She did the ultrasound, and I had not ovulated, so that was good! She did say they grew a bit, so that could be why. Also, I'm probably getting ready to ovulate, so that could be another reason. I had about 3 follies on each side that will ovulate.

We had 99 mil sperm this time! Great number. I told hubby it was because of the vitamins - I've been home to make sure he takes them this time - but he wasn't buying that.

The actual IUI was more painful this time. There was cramping when she put the catheter in, then more cramping as she injected the sperm. Even after she took it out, I was still cramping a bit, and felt bloated. However, I think this may be a good thing, I'm hoping! Now, I'm feeling really bloated, pain still on my side, and just not feeling great at all. It's a good thing I'm on break right now.

So now the lovely 2 week wait! I really hope this is the one.

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Shellie said...

Sorry you had so much cramping during and after your IUI.

I pray that your 2ww goes by quickly.

Fingers crossed.