Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I ordered some books from Amazon, and they arrived today! I started reading one of the books I ordered, Inconcievable by Julia Indichova. An hour later, I've read over half of it! I like hte book, easy to read. There is a lot I can relate to, however, she is talking about secondary infertility. To me, that is very different from primary infertility. Yes, she went through many of my same emotions, and she does know how lucky she is to have her daughter at home. But I think I would rather read a book like this about a woman going through primary infertility.

Now, I haven't read the whole thing, but another part is sort of bugging me. She talks a lot about alternative medicine - which I am all for! I liked her descriptions of people she went to who she didn't have confidence in. It reminded me a lot of myself! The part I'm at now, she has changed her diet and is doing yoga - both are great! I used to do yoga religiously! I've also changed my diet drastically since my early twenties. But I guess the part that is really bugging me is that SO many women get pregnant who do NOT eat healthy, who do eat processed foods, and are even drug addicts! Sure, I accept that eating healthy will increase your chances, but no way is it the only way. If it was, a crap load of women who are getting pregnant out there would not be.

Perhaps some bodies are more sensitive than others, but it cannot only be about diet. I do want to look into yoga again. I love yoga, but my gym doesn't offer it at good times anymore. It's hard for me to pay for yoga classes, I always think I can use my money for better purposes. I don't like doing yoga at home really. Going to a class helps me get through it, plus I like the guided meditation at the end. Maybe I'll see if there are cheaper studios.

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