Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, I called my doctor's office to start my new cycle. I know they told me before to call on the weekend. So I talked to the answering service and all they told me was to call back the next day. Yeah, real helpful! I was freaking out because I had jury duty today. They scheduled me at 3:30, and I hoped I would be out by then.

I sat around jury duty all day. I had a book to read, but those chairs are not comfy!! We got a 2 hour lunch, but they said they needed us back. Then, 1 1/2 hours after lunch, at 3 pm, they said they didn't need us, we were done. I was gettig worried! That was cutting it close! But I made it to my appointment.

So this cycle I'm taking 100 of the follistim. They know 125 is too much, and last time when they dropped it low, my E2 also went low, so she is hoping this is the perfect dose!
I'll go in Thursday for blood and ultrasound.

I do need to get my head in a better place though. I'm pretty depressed about it right now, and not happy I have to do injects again.

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Chili said...

I'm so sorry that last cycle was a bust. I'm glad you made it to your appointment - I hope you feel better soon, and that this cycle is the one!