Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I was so excited because all of our furniture came in yesterday! So we picked it up and set it up last night. It was a lot of furniture to squeeze into a small room! What made it worse was that we have a bed that we need to keep for now since we will have visitors staying with us. But we managed to squeeze it all in there! I'm going to wait and take pictures once it's more done. I still have some stuff I need to get out of that room, and I will hopefully complete that today.

It's hard getting stuff done around the house. I get so tired and out of breath so easily. I do one thing, like clean some counter tops, and I have to rest. So it makes doing any projects very slow going! Also withing the past couple of days it has gotten harder. I'm usually ok in the mornings, but by afternoon, forget it! I'm done! My ankles have been swelling pretty bad too, so I do try to keep my feet up as much as possible. It's hard because most people think it's the same as being pregnant with one. It's not. I even had to talk to hubby about this. We got into an argument - well, ok a fight - and I think he realized that growing two really is different. Probably part of it was my fault. I tend to keep things inside and I don't like to complain, so I think he assumed I was fine. Had the typical aches and pains, but not as much as I really do. But we talked, and it's fine now. We are just going to have to remember to communicate to each other better.

And even though I do have aches and pains and it is getting rough, I would not trade this in for anything. I am so appreciative! And I love feeling them kicking me! The physical pain is a LOT different from the emotional pain of not being able to have kids. The physical pain is just that - physical. It gets better. Emotional pain is much worse. And that is something I will NEVER forget.

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You are almost there! I know that you are getting tired, but you are doing awesome, and I know that you would never trade it for anything, and I know that you are not complaining- hang in there, in a few months those two sweet girls will be here and you will be able to breathe- well physically anyway lol- keeping you in my thoughts- can't wait to see the furniture. Try not to do to much, keep those feet up! Take Care! Sending you lots of love- Have a great New Year's!