Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today I got Newsweek magazine - I get a subscription for work - and the cover story was about diet and fertility! The neat thing was there was finally a study done on it. However, it looked like the only thing it studied was if the women had ovulatory dysfunction. The article also talked about the impact of diet on insulin levels. And really, everything they talked about sounded like PCOS to me. I'm glad there was a study, but I wish more studies would be done especially for "unexplained" infertility. I didn't read the end of the article, but I hope it didn't make light of the topic. Sometimes just a change in diet will not help. I do think there are plenty of environmental factors that come into play.

I used to work at this school that was in the inner city. It was awful. And honestly, I was concerned for my health. Interestingly enough, at least 4 of us who worked there were dealing with infertility! That is a pretty high number. Also, there were a few people who also got cancer. It really makes me wonder about the environment there. Luckily, I got out after a couple years but most stayed.

I was happy to see that article, maybe more people will become educated about infertility. I think we are going to continue to see a rise in it because of our diet and the toxins in the environment, unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

I second the request for more research done on unexplained infertility. Its just doesn't make sense that people can be "unlucky" for years, and then all of a sudden BAM they get pg.