Wednesday, January 09, 2008

28 Weeks!

I had my 28 week appointment today. Unfortunately, my OB is out of town all this month, so I had to see the NP this time. She is nice enough, but I really like my OB. She did an u/s and the babies are squished!! She couldn't get a good picture of Sofia at all and she did print one out for Maya, she was sucking her thumb! But she is smooshed and it looks like her face is flat. Really awful picture.

I also had the glucose test. So many people have said how awful it is. Well, it wasn't that bad! I'm glad so many people said it was awful because I think in my mind I had a picture of how awful it would be, and since it wasn't that awful, it was fine. I thought it was going to taste like orange soda syrup, but it wasn't even as bad as that. And either it wasn't quite as sweet as everyone said, or I just have a really sweet tooth! They gave me 5 min. to drink it, and I downed it in about 3 minutes. I hope I pass, but I have a feeling I won't.

My shower is this weekend, I am so excited!! Not sure that too many people are buying off the registry though. I do hope we get some items we need!


Fertilize Me said...

hahahahah tell me the test is awful, I have to do it in a few weeks. Have fun at your shower

MichelleAnn said...

Don't worry if you fail the glucose test. I ended up having to do the long test (which wasn't bad except for waiting so long!), but passed. I know a lot of people who have failed the 1st test, but passed the 2nd. Congratulations on 28 weeks!!


Yeah 28 weeks!!!! I am glad that the glucose test wasn't horrible, maybe you are just craving sugar LOL! Anyway, take it easy and have a blast at your shower- be sure to have someone take lots of pics! Take Care- Keeping you in my thoughts!

Am Next In Line said...

Congratulations. Wow have fun at ur shower. do we get to see pictures?

First time here!