Friday, January 25, 2008

Anon - Thank you for the apology. I appreciate it!

Sarah - Thanks for the comments :) They were great to hear! I'm planning on getting the EZ2Nurse pillow, which should be great for tandem feeding! And I know my hospital has lactation consultants as well as all the nurses know about breast feeding and how to deal with some of the issues.

Last night part of my belly got hard, and it looked like both of the babies were pushing out on each side. But then I started thinking, maybe it;s not the babies? Maybe it's a Braxton Hicks?? I have no idea! Sometimes it is hard to tell, and I wish I could tell because my doctor wants me to call if I have 4 or more an hour. I guess I will just ask him about it at my next appointment.

I had my shower for work yesterday. It was nice! Got TONS of clothes, but it was nice because they were all larger sizes. We have a ton of newborn stuff, so it was nice to get larger items! Some did get us matching outfits, and I will probably take a couple of them back. I also got a few little toy things which was nice because I have NONE! There is still a bunch of stuff we still need to get. Mostly little stuff, but it adds up!

Of course my pregnancy brain is getting to me and I can't remember if I wrote about my OB appointment or not. Ok, I just checked and I did :) So today is my last day of work! I'm excited! I do feel a little weird just because I'm the type of person who works all the time and I feel obligated, so leaving in the middle of the year is rough. BUT it is what's best for my babies, and that is the most important thing now! I am looking forward to relaxing.


MichelleAnn said...

So glad to hear you get to stop working! Don't worry about your classes. They will be fine I'm sure. Just think of the opportunity you are giving your substitute! I only got to work 10 days into the school year before I was put on bed rest (at 23 weeks). My sub wasn't expecting to start for 3 more months! I was so worried about my class, but it all worked out!! What's important is taking care of yourself and your girls! I hope you get to relax! I haven't had time to comment much lately, but I keep checking in to see how you're doing.

Trish said...

I just found your blog and read it from the beginning. Wow! What a journey you've had. I wish you, your husband and your girls all the best!