Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So much to write about!

Monday night we had our multiples class. I was really looking forward this class! I was hoping they would talk about how to handle 2 babies at home. I expected that, actually. Well, she didn't really discuss that! Most of the time was spent talking about c-sections. And her attitude just made me mad. She was pretty negative and went on and on about how most of us will have c-sections. Sure, that is probably true, but you can be a little positive! Our childbirth class instructor is so positive! She always stresses how if the babies are in the correct position, I won't have to have a c-section and she has told me some stories about twin mamas who give birth naturally! I know that a c-section is possible, but I like hearing positive things. The instructor of the multiples class also made it sound like just about all of our babies would end up in the NICU. No, that's not necessarily true! Sure, it's a possibility, and I'm glad for the info she gave us, but don't make it seem like that is what WILL happen. And did she discuss anything about when we take them home? Not really. She quickly went over breastfeeding by showing us the different positions. I pretty much already knew those. And that's really all she said about after. I realize they have a class you take before you go home from the hospital, but honestly it is geared toward women with singletons. It's much different if you have twins!

Plus the class was difficult for me because there were two women in there who were having triplets. I almost started crying. Then hubby kept looking at me and asking if I was ok, and I know he was concerned, but I was trying really hard not to cry. Asking me about it was just making it worse. But I made it through without breaking down.

Today, I had another doctor's appointment! This one was with the other OB in the office. He was nice. I originally had him as an OB but switched to Dr. O because this other one didn't want to run tests on me, just wanted to diagnose me. I'm just glad today he was nice! I got another ultrasound and he printed out some pictures, but they are really awful. They are too smooshed and you can't really tell what is what. I did get a nice picture of the tops of their heads!! :) They are both head down and their heads are right next to each other. Everything looked good! He had me schedule an appointment for a more detailed ultrasound to get a better growth scan. That is in about 4 weeks. Then, we had a conversation that I found amusing!
Dr.: Are you still working?
Me: Yes
Dr.: When do you plan on stopping?
Me: probably next Friday
Dr.: How about this Friday?

Of course, that is fine with me! :) He said he was being proactive and didn't want me going into pre-term labor and then having to spend 4 weeks on hospital bed rest. I guess he takes his twin mamas out between 28-30 weeks.

And that is fine because I've been not feeling so great this week at work. My belly is getting really heavy and I've just been so tired! I think it will be good to just be home and relax. Of course, I'm not particularly good at relaxing! I get bored really easily. So hopefully I can find things to do to occupy my time! I'm sure closer to the end I will get really anxious and excited to meet the girls, so I know that will be difficult! But I do think it's a good idea to stop working.


Fertilize Me said...

good for you for making it this far working you are a champ

Natalie said...

I'm sorry that class wasn't useful and was so hard on you emotionally. :( Certainly sounds very negative... bah! That's unfortunate.

I have an online friend who had twins at 38 weeks vaginally. :) Definitely possible!!


I am sorry that your class wasn't more informative in a positive way.
So here is some positive stuff for you from me- a NICU nurse :) Yes, we do get quite a few twins- but we also get A LOT of twins through the normal newborn nursery, and several of those twins (and even some from the NICU) are born vaginally- and if the girls stay head down you have a very good chance of doing just that. I don't know how they do it at other hospitals- but at both hospitals that I work at- we put all multiple births in the OR for delivery just in case, but if it is possible the plan is to start out naturally and go from there- if all is going well and Mom and babies are tolerating everything then the babies are the bosses and we are playing by their rules- it is hurry up and wait- lots of people all hanging out waiting to meet them- it is all very exciting (I am sitting here tearing up just thinking about my first twin delivery last year- it was so amazing watching them deliver naturally- one after the other- very beautiful!)
And like I said- and like you already know- not every single twin delivery has to go to the NICU- many are just fine and go to the normal nursery- and sometimes if they do go to the NICU it may be just for a very short time- for labs or monitoring for a few hours if that is even necessary. You have already made it to 30 weeks- you haven't been in and out for pre-term labor- the girls have behaved themselves- you are doing awesome! I think that class needs a new teacher- a positive one that isn't going to scare or frustrate already stressed out parents to be- you guys don't need that.
Hopefully your hospital has some really great lactation consultants that can work with you and the twins- there are some cool pillows that you can get to help you with tandem breast feeding- we use one with our Moms that is like an industrial boppy that works great for twins. I am keeping you in my thoughts- glad that you will be at home after this week- 'taking it easy' Get some books or some movies- start the baby books- something to make yourself relax a little- okay! Take Care! Sending you lots of love!

Mrs. Piggy said...

I love that you are 11 weeks ahead of me! I am not happy about this multiples class you went to, what is up with your instructor!
I cant believe your time is almost here. Hang in there. Cant wait to see pics of these babies!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you and the girls are still doing so well!!! Hooray for 30 weeks!

This story is 30 years old, but if it happened then, it can surely happen now even easier! My twin brother and I were born at 34 weeks vaginally. I was in the NICU for 24 hours, but only because I took a little breath of fluids. I was fine the next day. Neither one of us had any lasting effects from the early birth. As a matter of fact we went home in about a week, if I'm not mistaken. If my Mom did this 30 years ago, it should be even easier for you today!

I hope you're able to enjoy your rest!

Anonymous said...

I first wanted to start out with an apology. I am one who couldn't understand why you initially went through the reduction. I still don't understand, but it's not my place to. I let my feelings get in the way though and left a not so nice comment to you. One I know you didn't need to read. Instead of just not reading, I let my head get in the way instead of my heart. I'm sorry I wasn't more supportive. I did end up taking a break from your blog.

I'm glad to hear you are doing and feeling well. I can't imagine the heartbreak you had to endure at your birth class and I'm so sorry it was so tough. It stinks that your teacher was so negative. Anything is possible and while it is good to get ready emotionally for a c-section, it doesn't mean you can't have them vaginally.

Freyja said...

I dunno - lounging around the house fantasizing about bringing home your babies in a few months doesn't sound too boring to me! ;-)