Friday, January 18, 2008

No news IS good news!

A different nurse called me back today, and I passed!!! She said something at the end of her message about not eating too many sweets, but I could barely understand her. So, not sure if I was borderline, or if they just say that to everyone who takes the 3 hour.

Mel, yes, Dr. O is always on vacation!! I'm just glad he will be here in March! I have to go see the other doctor in his office for my next visit, and I am not looking forward to that. I originally had this OB, but switched after he told me I had PCOS without looking at my medical history OR doing any tests. Sure, he was right, but lucky guess. I'd rather get the tests done and be sure. I'm sure he will be fine - he is nice enough. I'd just rather see Dr. O!

Last night I noticed the car seats I wanted were back in stock, so I ordered them. I think I got the last one! 1 shipped today, the other is not available yet. So, at least I am in line for one! :)



Glad to hear that the glucose test was negative- and that you got the car seats! You'll have to post some pics later when you get things organized and have some free time :) or get bored... Are you still working I think you said you were going to until the first part of February, but I can't remember if you made a final decision or not. Anyway- as always- keeping you in my thoughts!

Fertilize Me said...

YAH!!! grats for passing