Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hospital Adventure

Sunday night, I started having some cramping. I was a little worried, but I laid down and it finally stopped and I went to sleep. Monday morning I started having some mild cramping again. I was not happy! So I just laid down and tried to rest. Then at about 1:00 I got a much sharper cramp that lasted for 1 minute. Four minutes later, I got another. Now that really scared me because before then, they were just mild and constant. I tried calling my doctor's office, but of course they were closed. Why do these things always happen on holidays?? So we decided to go into triage at the hospital. I was worried, but I also didn't want to go because I knew they'd tell me I was fine. But better safe than sorry!

We got to the hospital and they strapped these things on me to monitor the babies heartbeats and then one to monitor any contractions I might be having. It was funny because the first nurse really had a hard time getting them on the right spot. So then another nurse came in, who must have had much more experience with twins. She got them on right away. It was also funny because the girls did not like the pressure on my belly! They were kicking like mad! I could see the sensor things go all over the place! They checked my cervix, and it was fine too.

I told her I was having cramps that were pretty much constant, except for the 2 I had earlier. No tightening of the belly or anything. So they decided I was having cramps caused by constipation. No. I don't think so. I know what poo cramps feel like, and this was not it! But, they had no other explanation, so I took it. I'm hoping that it is just my uterus growing. They also sent in my urine sample to test for a UTI, and at my appointment next week I should find out about that. I'm glad nothing was wrong, but a little annoyed they assumed it was constipation.

Other than that, I've been doing well! Normal aches and pains, and a much slower pace, but good! I'm not looking forward to going back to work next week, but I keep telling myself that I only have 1 month and then I am done with work!


Fertilize Me said...

well i hope sll continues to be well (and i hate nurses that have all the answeres without knowing hte situation)


I hope you are still feeling ok....I guess I work with more cautious nurses- I can see it all know, you would have been with us for a couple of hours minimum hooked up to the monitors to make sure that you were NOT having contractions, they would have done the urine dip right then and there- okay, so I work with very anal (no pun intended lol) nurses :) We like to bake our babies as long as we can- hang in there...from what you have said before- your docs are paying very close attention to you- and I know that you are in excellent hands with them- keeping you in my thoughts- keep your feet up, rest, relax, all that good stuff- sending you lots of love!


Heather- Just thought that I would drop in to see how you are doing- noticed on your ticker that you have 90 days exactly to go! 3 more months! Hope you are still feeling further adventures and that the girls are behaving themselves! Keeping you in my thoughts- take care!