Thursday, January 17, 2008

No news is good news?

I didn't hear from the nurse today about my 3 hour test! I hope that means something good! Mel, I know you said Dr. O'Hara called you, but he is out of town right now (wwaaahhhhh!!!!!!). But when I failed the 1 hour the nurse called 2 days after. I will call tomorrow, and am hoping for good news!

Today MIL also emailed her flight info! So, it is getting more and more real. And time is slipping away! I am freaking out a little bit because we have no money right now, but still plenty to get and plenty to do before the girls arrive! I am also hoping the car seats I want come back into stock at Babies R Us! Normally I would just get them from somewhere else, but I have gift cards I could use for one of them. I just feel like there is hardly any time left!

MIL is coming on March 29th. I counted to see how many weeks I would be, and I would be 39 weeks. So, I have a feeling I will have delivered by then, but there is a chance that I could deliver that weekend. It might be a little weird having her around right after they are born, but I'll deal with it. Then again, it might also be nice, perhaps she could cook! :)

I also came across some pictures of babies born at 29 weeks. And yes, while that is way too early and I want mine to stay put for a lot longer, I couldn't believe that they were actually babies at this point! It's still very surreal that I have 2 little girls inside me!



Heather- take a deep breath....okay, now go sit down! I know that there is a lot to do, but relax, it will all come together, you know it will- the car seats will be back in stock well before the girls need them :) Try to take it easy- those little ones are just trying to get you going and it is working- put your feet up and enjoy the silence for a few more weeks- hang in there- keeping you in my thoughts! Sending you and those little munckins lots and lots of love!

Brian, Melissa and Nathan said...

Nurse Taryn would have called you by now because they would have wanted you to see the registered diatician pretty quickly after a diagnosis. So I would assume no news is good news. Congrats on that. Wow you are getting really close!! March babies are the best. Try not to worry too much about money, car seats and all, because believe me, it will all fall into place.

It seems Dr. O'Hara is always on vacation. One of the teachers at my school was told by him not to go into labor this month because he would be gone.

Fertilize Me said...

coming up to the home stretch!!