Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I called the doctor yesterday to let him know I went to Triage, and he wanted to see me today. Well, he checked me and I AM FINE!!!! I'm not really dilated! He said the nurse probably shouldn't have said I was dilated. Then he went into this whole explanation about dilation, and how the outside part, yes, he can feel a "dimple" but the inside part is closed and that's the part the matters. Plus, my cervix is not thinning at all and that happens before you dilate. Also, my FFN came back negative, and it being a negative is a good, strong negative. Now, he did prescribe me procardia, which works like terbutaline but without the horrible side effects. He said I could take it if I start having contractions, instead of going to triage. He also said just knowing that I have that will make me feel better - and it does!

I think I wrote about how awful the nurses were with the internal, so I'm not surprised that they were wrong. He said of course, to take it easy, listen to my body, but I am fine! The girls will cook a lot longer!


Fertilize Me said...

I am glad things are much better than you thought (or were told)

Ciria said...

Yay! Keep 'em babies cookin'!!

Donna said...

You are doing so great! I keep all of you in my prayers. Healthy babies is the only thing that matters right now!