Monday, April 07, 2008

Hospital Packing List

I wanted to post my packing list with comments about what I used or didn't use, or wished I'd had at the hospital for a reference for anyone who has not given birth yet! So, here it is!

Labor/Hubby's Bag

Swim trunks - Didn't use! I had to have the monitors on me at all times, even when I did not have the epidural yet. I think because of the twins. It also did not cross my mind to use the shower. I used the birthing ball.

Heating pads (stick on kind) - Did not use, but would have been nice if I had remembered them!

Mouthwash - Hubby did not use. My labor wasn't too long. We went in at 2 am and gave birth by 3:30.

Change of clothes for Hubby - I don't think I actually packed any. We didn't need anyway.

Robe for me - I used once I got checked in after delivery. Did not use during labor.

Makeup remover cloths - Did not use

Lip balm - Did not use

Lotion - *I* did not use, but Hubby did!

Hair ties - Definitely used!!!!

Socks (to be sacrificed to mess) Used these!! I had some fuzzy ones, had to throw them out after since the amniotic fluid was all over the place!

Camera - used

Postpartum bag

Sleep bra - Did not use, went w/out a bra

Nursing pjs - I was glad to have my own PJS!

Unscented lotion (in labor bag) - again, I did not use

Lip balm (in labor bag) - Did not use

Toothbrush - used all toiletries! It was nice to shower and have my own stuff there.




Comb for hair

Body wash


Going home outfit, shoes (flip flops) Your belly will be big. It will be larger than people who just had 1 baby! So bring a maternity top! I just wore a t-shirt that I had been wearing the whole pregnancy. I am STILL wearing maternity stuff because my belly is still pretty big. I still look pregnant.

Slipper socks - I got the ones from Target that are fuzzy and mary jane style. I love them!! They have pad things on the bottom so you don't slip.

Lansinoh - Hospital gave me some

iPod - I did not use it, but I am glad I brought it

cell phone - yep, used all the time. Don't forget the charger! I also had Hubby bring me my laptop when I was checked in to the hospital.

*Have in car: EZ2Nurse pillow - I didn't use in the hospital, just used pillows.

For Maya and Sofia


2 shirts

Preemie size sleepers


I did not use the hats - they were all too big! I just used the hospital hate. Did not use the shirts either. I'm glad I brought both newborn and preemie size going home outfits. They fit into the preemie size.

While in the hospital, I did not have them wear any clothes I got them. They wore the shirt the hospital had for them and they stayed double swaddled the entire time since it was hard for them to regulate their body temp. I'm not sure if all twin moms do this, but I did.

As for other stuff I wished I had, I think I had everything I needed. Moms of singletons sometimes bring other stuff to do in the hospital, but honestly, you will NOT have time if you have twins! I had to feed every 3 hours and I was formula feeding, breastfeeding, and pumping. Between that and Lactation Consultants, nurses, doctors, etc. coming in, I had NO free time. I barely even had time to eat!
The only time I turned on the tv was at night when I tried to sleep for background noise.


Mrs. Piggy said...

First of all, i cannot believe the MIL incident! Unbelievable.
As for this post, THANK YOU!! Ive been thinking about this a lot lately. You are the bomb, thank you :)

Sally said...

great list! you seem to have thought of everything! there's a list on this website in the third trimester section too if anyone else is looking for a useful hospital list!

your girls are so cute! :)