Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm probably speaking too soon, but the girls haven't been that fussy today!! Well, Maya was a little fussy while I was trying to nap, but usually they are crying constantly past 5 o'clock. What I have been doing differently is sitting on the couch with them on their newborn loungers right next to me. They sleep better and are much calmer when they are right next to me.

It is getting a bit easier too! It's just such a HUGE change when you bring twins home! Now, things are getting more routine and because hubby takes the first night feeding - or actually early morning feeding- I'm actually getting some sleep which helps immensely! Now that we are getting more into a routine, I do get bored at times! I think because I am so used to working. I need to go on walks with the girls, but honestly I know that me carrying 2 car seats with the girls in them all the way down to my car (I live in a condo) will exhaust me. Yesterday, I went to the store and had a few bags of groceries - really not that much stuff- and carrying it to my condo about killed me! I'll be happy when my blood levels are back up! It would be much easier if my condos had a ramp, but they don't. The only way to get down to the driveway is by steps. I'm sure that is breaking some kind of code.

As for bottles, Michelle, the Playtex drop ins are BPA free! I'm not sure the Playtex nipples will fit the Dr. Brown's bottles though. It looked like it might leak, but I've still yet to actually try it out with liquid.

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