Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today is my birthday. But, of course, I've had a fairly rough day. I know it's because I got very little sleep last night! Hubby had to work extra overtime so he could not do the night feeding like he has been. So I got about 2 hours of sleep. The days are always rougher when I get no sleep! Unfortunately hubby has to work all the overtime he can. He took 2 weeks off when the girls were born - and we weren't planning on doing that! He also took last Friday and Monday off since I was in the hospital. And he gets paid hourly. So, with that plus the huge expense of the damned formula, things are really tight. Good thing I don't go anywhere and use a lot of gas!

Hubby was very sweet today. He got me tulips, a birthday cake, a nice card, and he scheduled a hair appointment for me for tomorrow! He's actually taking a few hours off work so I can go do that. 'm not thrilled he's taking time off, but it will be SO nice to get my hair done! I haven't had it done in about 8 months!

I think my "best" friend forgot about b-day. Though not sure how since Myspace sends out b-day reminders. Oh well. She's too busy with her new boyfriend.

The girls have been super fussy today too! They like to play a new game. I feed them, they start to go to sleep. I try to sleep and they get fussy. Then about 10-15 min. before I have to feed them, they go to sleep- deep sleep!! I hate having to wake them to feed them.


Fertilized said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great hair day tomorrow!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

BTW, what formula are you using....perhaps some of your fans have coupons to spare. ;)


Hilary said...

Happy b-day!! Enjoy getting your hair done :)


Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Okay Maya and Sophia- listen up little ones- no playing games with Mom- you two have plenty of time to do all of that- wait until you are at least 2 years old to do those things- now is when Mommy needs to get her sleep- especially today- I know that you don't understand yet, but today is a very special day- in a year or two you will understand a little better that birthdays are very special- I know it seems like a great time to snuggle up and sleep when it should be time to eat- but it is not! Be nice to Mommy today and then when Daddy has you tomorrow make sure to be good for him too- he is going to be tired- he gets to play so Mommy can go and get all pretty- which she will explain to you when you get a little bit older.
Hope you have a great day tomorrow Heather- you deserve it! Hang in there- sending you lots of birthday hugs and wishes for a little nap snuck in here and there- love ya!