Friday, April 18, 2008

Sara: you crack me up! :) I did get a nap today, that was very nice!!

I use Similac formula. I need to call and get coupons from them. I know they do something for twins. I just need to call!

Hubby should be home soon so I can go get my hair. Oh and the best part, he is not going back to work! He is staying home! YAY! I was a little mad at him last night. He did the 2 am feeding, but he fed the girls and put them in the co-sleeper and then left the room. So a little later they got fussy and I had to deal with it - and he wasn't very nice about it when I wondered why they were fussy! But he felt bad this morning. Oh, and I was a bit mad because at the 11 o'clock feeding Maya wouldn't eat! Finally at midnight, she started eating! So I didn't even go to bed until after 1 am, so I was super tired.

I do hope I can start feeding them on demand soon! I don't think Maya is always hungry at the feedings, but then I get paranoid about her not eating. I wish I had a scale so I could weigh them. We don't go back to the pediatrician for about 4 weeks.


The Dunn Family said...
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MichelleAnn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry I haven't commented much lately. Things have been really busy around here! My 5 year old is doing 3 different sports plus preschool and speech twice a week. Then my 5 year old brought home pink eye and shared it with his brother! The twins have been extra fussy lately for some reason. I thought they had all their teeth, but my boy twin seems to have a big one coming in in the back. Hopefully things calm down around here. At least I will have the summer off (if having 3 kids at home is being "off.")!

Anonymous said...

It's not much, but I have two sample canisters of Similac advance if you would like it. Email me