Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am home! I got to go home Sunday. I'm still pretty weak and tired though. Hubby took work off yesterday, but I'm home alone today. It's been going ok. I have accepted that the girls will be fussy in the evening and that I won't get anything done, so I am just going to camp out on the couch with them and watch tv!

I talked to my doctor, he put me on iron. The nurses were surprised that the doctor at the hospital didn't! Dr. O was also surprised they didn't let me go home Saturday!! My blood level has stayed the same since Friday after the procedure. He said it would take about a month for the levels to go back up! So, I'm sure my milk supply will stay low. I will pump what I can.

Babies screaming!


Scott Lancaster said...
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Fertilized said...

so glad you are home


Glad that you are home! Sometimes it is easier to recover in the comforts of your own home- even with 2 screaming munchkins :) Continuing to keep you in my thoughts- oh yeah- I am sure you are doing this anyway- but drink lots of fluids with that iron so you don't get constipated (sorry if TMI -blushing here-) just don't want you to run into more problems than you have already had- hang in there- your doing awesome! Lots of love!

Hilary said...

Glad to hear that your are home doing good! I hope you get to feeling better soon :)