Saturday, April 12, 2008

Placental Remains

Wow, what a crazy few days!

So I have been bleeding off and on, passing clots, which my doctor said was normal. Well yesterday, all of a sudden I started bleeding heavily. Soaked through a pad in about 5 min and continued to bleed into the toilet. Hubby took me in to triage. The bleeding slowed a little, the on call doctor showed up and did a fun pelvic exam. Meanwhile, I started bleeding again. They sent me to radiology to get an ultrasound to determine of I had placental remains or just a bleed. They were supposed to determine that and then send me to the proper place - if I had remains, I was to have a D&C, if I was just bleeding, a something-embolism to stop the bleeding.

They hardly spoke to me in radiology. I heard something about placental remains. Meanwhile, I am bleeding heavily and I start feeling really light headed and I'm getting scared. They send me back to Triage without telling me or the person who took me back anything. The nurse in triage - who was awesome by the way - was furious. I was bleeding so much that it was decided I needed a D&C right away. They whisked me up to the recovery area and took my blood pressure. It was super low. I don't remember the top number, but the bottom number was 46. I was really scared!

They got me to the OR right away and I thought they were going to put me under, but they didn't. I got a spinal. I am glad they did not put me under because I was really scared of that! I was nervous for the spinal because my epidural was not a fun experience and I even jumped a little when they put in the epidural. This time was much better. Not sure if the anesthesiologist was just better or if it was better because I wasn't having contractions, but it was less painful than before! I also got some phentanol (I know I did not spell that right) to calm me down. That was nice. It was very fast acting and did its job! My OB was not around, and I was a little nervous about having an OB who I hadn't met until that day do the procedure, but then the other doctor from Dr. O's office came in and was going to do the D&C. That made me feel a lot better, and he even remembered me. Later I found out there were 3 OBs in the OR, I guess looking at the placental remains I had.

Even though I lost a lot of blood, I did not need a transfusion. I thought I would be going home today, but this morning after they checked my blood count, it was still low so I am staying another night. I have been really weak all day. Earlier, I got up to go to the bathroom and almost passed out. That made me nervous, but a few hours later they had me get up and walk and I was able to!

I miss my girls terribly!!! Honestly, I wasn't sure if I would miss them because I have had a hard time with them. But just a few hours without them and I missed them SO much. I can't even explain the exact feeling - it's like a part of you is missing. Then, I find out that Maya is not eating much! And she needs to eat! I had hubby bring them today to visit and I fed Maya. She ate for me. I think she is not eating because she misses me, and that tears me up! Hopefully I can go home tomorrow!


MichelleAnn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you! I've never heard of that happening. I hope you regain your strength soon so you can get back to your girls. I'd tell you to get some rest, but we all know that's not possible in the hospital.

Fertilized said...

Wow- thats a loto f scary stuff. Take care of yourself. ANd get back home soon. I am sorry you are going through this

Anonymous said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry you are going through this and missing your girls. Hope you can get home to them soon. Take care of yourself and heal quickly.



Heather- I am so sorry that you had that happen- I am glad that it was caught quickly though, too bad it didn't happen while you where in the hospital for your delivery- but at least it didn't wait to happen for several months. Anyway, I am glad that everything is taken care- retained placenta is scary stuff- your girls were anchored in that uterus pretty good! I hope that you are feeling better soon- take it easy- you will probably feel tired for awhile until your blood counts completely recover- so don't push yourself. I am glad that dh was able to bring the girls to you so you could feed them- everyone sounds like they are slipping into a routine and bonding beautifully! I will be keeping you in my thoughts- hang in there- take care! Sending you lots of love!

Mrs. Piggy said...

Holy crap! Wasn't expecting that.
Oh no now I'm paranoid!!!!
I hpoe you're feeling better soon.
How scary.