Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I took Sofia to the doctor today. Last week, I noticed what looked like baby acne on her face and neck. I wanted to make sure it was acne and not some other type of rash, so I called the pediatrician. Now, they have after hours and weekend care, and I thought you just call the main line. Well, the person on the phone was pretty clueless. But she got my message ok, or so I thought. Usually I get a call back the same day. I did not get a call. That was last Friday. I figured sometime over the weekend the on call doctor would call. Nope! So on Monday I called back and discovered that in the computer it said a doctor (not my doctor) called me back and left a message. Well, I never got a message and the number did not show up on my cell phone. Weird. So I put another message in and my doctor called me back, thankfully! Over the phone he thought it was heat rash, but said I could bring her in, so I did!

It was not heat rash (didn't think it was), but basically cradle cap. He had another name for it, which I forget, but said it was basically cradle cap which I think is basically eczema. So I have to get Selsan Blue for her scalp and a hydrocortisone cream for her skin. Hopefully it will clear it up!

The nurse weighed her - 9 lbs 3 oz! That was with her clothes on so I think Sofia is probably just under 9 lbs or right at 9 lbs! She is getting big! Now I wonder how much Maya weighs.

This was also my first time going out alone with a baby. I only took one so it would be easier. I'm still dreading taking them both out. I'm actually scared about it! Once I just do it, I think I'll be fine though.

Tomorrow is my 6 week post partum appointment. I think one of my stitches cxame open. I'm thinking it happened during the D&C because before that, it didn't really hurt down there. After, it hurt. I also looked the other day and it looks like one part that should have been close, is open.

I'm also going to see if I can get back on paxil. I was on it before TTC and it really helped. I've been pretty depressed since giving birth, and while it's gotten better, I'm still not completely better. I didn't really realize that I was that depressed until I went to my therapy appointment earlier this week. She was a bit more in my face - which normally she is not. I normally just talk, but she was worried about me this time. This is a psychologist, so she can't prescribe meds. Anyway, I realized that me not wanting to go out and do anything is really a symptom of depression. I'm also not motivated to do anything and feel overwhelmed. Of course, I'm sure some of this is because I have twins, but I do think meds will really help me get back to normal.


Fertilized said...

Have a great appointment tomorrow! glad sophie is gaining some weight - how awesome

Theresa said...

Sorry that Sophia has a rash... I hope it clears up soon. Sayla just got a little baby acne and I hope that is all it is! Sounds like Sophia is gaining weight really well, so I bet Maya is too. I'm sorry that you've been feeling depressed. I hope that your doctor helps you find a solution.

Mrs. Piggy said...

Wow 6 weeks post partum already? It seems just like yesterday you gave birth. I'm enjoying reading your blog everday, gives me insight into my very near future.
Hang in there, sounds like you're a great mommy! Hope that paxil helps!!!

janelle from WA said...

i would think you'd be going nuts from not getting out at all...i know i was! i had singleton first, and then twins, so that was a wake-up call...but really 2 is not much different than 1, just takes a bit longer to get out the door.

have you looked into support groups for mommies with twins or even mommies with 1? there's really not much difference in getting 1 to the park than there is with 2.

good luck! been there and done that. well, still doing that ;) and it's not easy, but it's so much fun!

Heather said...

Janelle- Yes! I have looked into support groups. I am actually going to go to one this month. I also need to find a playgroup, though I'm not sure where to go to find out about that.

Karen said...

You'll be fine taking them both out when the time comes. It's scary to do it, but it's also liberating. I take the triplets to all their appointments by myself, which shocks the office staff, but I do it as a point of pride and for the sake of my own independence. I was absolutely PARALYZED about doing it until I did it. But once I'd done it, I felt so relieved... and FREE.

I'm sorry about the depression. I hope the B6 helps, but if it doesn't, do get on the Paxil sooner than later. Especially with a history of depression, you'll find that you'll feel much better if you get yourself treated. You're doing the RIGHT thing by talking to your doctor.