Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work. It was a little easier since Hubby is taking care of the girls during the day, but it was still very hard. I did not want to leave to go to work! On my way out the door, I started crying. I didn't know I was going to cry- I hadn't even thought about it, so it took me by surprise. It was a lot harder than I thought. It was also difficult because I am attending professional development this week so today was mostly just sitting and listening. It's hard to go from being active with the babies to doing nothing but sitting and listening. And thinking about your babies!

I called hubby a couple times and everything went great for him. The girls got a little fussy in the afternoon and they didn't really take their afternoon nap, so they were very fussy for me. I did get them down to sleep early, but they are still stirring and crying a little here and there.

I can't believe how much I missed them! It was the best coming home and seeing Sofia give me this HUGE smile! It melted my heart. I wish I could stay at home or at least just work part time. That would be nice.

It was strange going back because part of me liked the adult interaction, and I really do like what I do, so that part was nice, but another large part of me just wanted to go home and cuddle with my girls. It was a strange feeling for me since I am a first time mom. I imagine most first time moms feel something like this, if they like their job. I think I'll be able to find a good balance, but it is just a strange feeling. It's almost like there are two of me now. The "mom" me, and the "education" me. I guess before the girls it was just the "work" me. Once I find a good balance I think it will be good, but it is very hard right now. I can't believe how much I missed them!


I also fed the girls sweet potatoes today. Sofia did better with them. She seemed to like them! She did push some out, but then would suck on the spoon. Maya ate it up, though she looked a little confused at the taste.


Mrs. Piggy said...

Your hair looks great btw! Was that fresh out of the salon? Do you ever get it looking so nice and perfect again? I cant.

I am going back to work a week from today :( I have already started crying about it. I agree, part time would be great. Enough for us to get out and not lose our sanity, but enough where we can spend oodles of time with the twins. I am not ready to go back.
Glad to see your husband could manage!! Mine will be in daycare Mon through Thur and then with DH on friday...wish it was me :(

Hilary said...

Oh Mommy I remember my 1st day back to work after my daughter was born :( It does get easier. Have a great week

Fertilized said...

Love your new haircut! You look fantastic.

Well, the first day back is over and done with. I hope it gets easier for you. I am also dreading this day