Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh I just saw the comment by anon. I had to laugh when I saw that! Do parents not teach their children their morals and values? I think so, so I do think it is appropriate to have them wear OBama onesies. Sorry, but McCain does NOT represent me or my values.

Anyway, the girl at work made me angry again today. So here is the email I sent to her and our boss:

Her Name,

There are a couple issues we need to address.

First, communication with Name of Principal will come through me. Having two of us communicating different things to him will not work. So, I will be the one setting up meetings and communicating about pd to him. Your responsibility will be the communication with Name of Principal at School1. I did not appreciate you setting up a meeting with Name of Principal before talking to me. I am in the process of setting up meetings with lots of different teachers at School2 and School3. In the future, because I will be doing the communication with Name of Principal, I will of course check with you before scheduling any meetings with the three of us.

In this and past emails you have used words to make it sound like I am your subordinate, when in fact, we are supposed to be working as a team. I do not work for you, I work with you. I need you to stop asking/telling me to do things you do not have time to do. For example, the Smart Board training, or setting aside materials for you. I appreciate the fact you wanted to go to the training, but I also have a very busy schedule and am not here to do things for you.

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Rebecca said...

Good for you...people have got to RELAX a little bit!