Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been a couple days, so I figured I'd update with the work drama. I did speak my mind about what I knew my job was going to be, and I also told them what they needed to add to that "plan" they created. It was funny because I said that they needed follow up in September, right after our August professional development. So the one girl acted like, well of course! And that she just didn't put it in there. But then she went on to say she was emailing it to principals. So I said, "If this is going to principals, it needs to have the September follow up on there." I think she was just mad I pointed out something she forgot. I did feel better after speaking my piece.

Today, we had the meeting with the boss and consultant who also works on the project. This is a very important year for the grant- basically make or break year. I really want this to succeed because it is the only grant out of 8 that were awarded that is NOT using scripted crap, and relies on good professional development and literacy coaches. So really, this is a very important project for education. So it is make or break year. I know the boss wants us to work together so we can combine our talents. The two girls have more experience with giving professional development than I do. I am really good at organizing and getting all the paperwork and data they need to document. I am also not confrontational and easy-going, which I think is a strength in my coaching. The other two are pretty much opposite.

So at first I got a little offended, but as I thought about this, I think there is nothing to be offended about. The boss said I would be making sure the paperwork got done- the other two would email me when they worked w/ people and I would document. I thought about this later and I'm going to tell the boss that I will come up with a template and email it to them, but they need to fill it out and email it back and I will make sure it gets in the notebook. I'm not going to fill that out FOR them. They are adults.

Then the boss said that they are high energy and I need to make sure at the pd next week I go and introduce myself to the teachers. Yeah, I'm not outgoing, but I know I needed to do that. I sort of took offense, but she is just making sure I do that. I tend to take things very personally and usually look for the negative first. But she wants me to be in charge of the paperwork because she knows I will get it done and it will be organized and all that.

I'm hoping the year will get better, and I think it will. It's just very draining being at these meetings all day every day right now. Once I get to my site and get settled in and working with teachers, it will be better. It has to.

The girls are great! I miss them terribly, but Hubby is having a good time with them.

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