Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OH yes, that picture was fresh from the salon! I was convinced I could get it to look exactly the same because really, she made it look so easy. Well, I have not been able to duplicate it exactly. I hate that. I can get it close, but not as smooth. Oh well.

So I think this blog may turn in to a frustrations about work and also about parenting twins blog. I really don't see any way around it since I am back at work and alread I am so frustrated with co-workers. So I will have my work vent now, because I really need to vent about it.

Background: I am a literacy coach in middle schools and work with a specific program. There are other coaches at other schools. This year me and two others will be working at 3 middle schools together. We will be working with the content area teachers to integrate literacy strategies into their teaching. I am the ONLY coach of the three that has a literacy background- and I have a strong literacy background. I just completed the Reading Specialist Credential program.The other two have a background in science.

Last week, they called me and wanted to meet the next day. Um, no. I have twins and can't just meet on short notice. So, we were supposed to meet Monday during lunch. That didn't happen because one had an errand to run. Today, we couldn't meet because the other one forgot her computer. Meanwhile I have picked up on the fact that they have planned a pd (professional development) for next Monday and Tuesday. They have not really told me this directly. And I have no idea what they have planned. Then one, we'll call her "A," wanted me to email her some names of teachers at my middle school who might like to attend. I do that and then she tells me she also went ahead and emailed the intervention class teacher (who I have worked with very closely). Well, she sent me a copy of this email and I am highly offended! She put in there that the content area pd has not happened at all- basically making me sound incompetent. So that's my first problem. Oh, and the way she wrote it makes it sound like she is coming in to save the day or that she is over me. No, we are equals and are supposed to be collaborating.

So then today they give me a schedule they have made of content area pd and follow up. I have major problems with it! First of all, the follow up is no close enough to the pd dates and there is not enough follow up! Not to mention I was never asked for my input. Already the pd for next week ends much later than I can stay. I will NOT follow this plan because it is ineffective and I'm not going to do that.

I was going to go ahead and email the boss, but I have decided that I will first talk to these people and see what comes of it. I am going to tell them I am disappointed they didn't get my input and I will share my concerns about the schedule. I suspect they won't really care and then I will talk to the boss.

This is going to be a long year.


On a different note- the girls are doing great! We had to go get 2 shots today though. I swear, each month it gets harder and they cry louder. I hate it! Hubby is really good at taking care of them during the day. He even straightens up, makes the bed, and I even think he folded his laundry yesterday! He gets more done than I usually do! I wish he could stay home all the time.


Hilary said...

Oh Heather!!
Hang in there!! I hate when other make you look bad when THEY aren't doing their job!! Hope your week gets better :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog can be whatever you need it to be! It's for you! My life is very similar-teacher raising twins-so I understand.
I hope your school year ends up being easier and more enjoyable than it sounds right now!