Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've been pretty busy the last few days!

Sunday was good- we all (me, Hubby, Maya, Sofia, and our dog) took a long walk. It was nice to just talk to hubby. We definitely needed that. We also decided we would do that every Sunday. Some housework will have to be left, but that's ok. We really need to do this for us, plus it is great exercise!

So on twin message boards I've read some of the bad comments people make, but I've been really lucky to not have gotten any. Until now. On our walk, a lady saw us, asked if they were twins and then said, "I'm sorry." WHAT?!? Sorry??? Seriously, don't feel sorry for us!! Be happy for us! Of course, I was shocked and couldn't come up with a come back, but luckily Hubby is better about that and he said, "Don't be! It's great!" If I ever get that comment again I will just tell them not to be sorry and that it is the best thing that has ever happened to me!Now, I've read about the "I'm Sorry" comment before, but when it happens to YOU it is still shocking.

I had more to write but I'm too exhausted to write right now. I will update later!


Mrs. Piggy said...

What the hell are people thinking? Do they really have to say these things outloud!?!
So far I havent come across anything bad either. Just one time at the carseat inspection, a father of twins overheard I was having twins and he said "sorry to hear that" and said that it just gets worse as they get older.
Well maybe if they werent so negative and enjoyed their kids, it wouldnt be such a terrible experience.

I read your blog everyday, and am so happy youre weeks ahead of me. Its like looking in the crystal ball and I can prepare myself for whats to come!
You are so much more of a super mommy than me. I have never ventured out with them alone...thats way too scary! Taking one is traumatic enough.
Your girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Hilary said...

Sorry?! That's crazy..some people just don't think before they speak...I would never say sorry but wow I bet it's never a dull moment at your house :) Glad that you and hubby got out and hand hang-out time together..housework can always wait. Would love to see new pictures of the girlies..Good luck out there and I hope that peoples comments are all nice :)