Friday, August 29, 2008

Such a bad day.

I had the meeting with the two coworkers and the boss. It was awful. My boss really needs to step up and be a BOSS. It was basically an ambush. I thought we would have a professional, mature conversation. I was wrong. And because I did not think it would be a slew of attacks, I was not ready for it.

So the one I had the main issue with started, and she pretty much went off on me. First, she said my email was unprofessional and attacked her. I do not think the email was unprofessional at all. It was direct, yes, but not unprofessional. I nowhere in the email personally attacked her like she did to me today. She went on to say she didn't trust me and she questioned my work ethic. I took that personally. She doesn't even really know me, we've been working together (closely) for all of a week! I am one of the most hard working people you will meet. Literacy and education are my passion. She thought what I was saying- about her treating me as a subordinate- was incorrect. I know she still doesn't see it from my view. She did acknowledge she could be bossy.

I think probably the worst part- although the attack was bad- was my boss. She sat there and let this go on. That was not ok. Later, when both of the co-workers left the room the boss asked me if I expected it and said she was harsh and that they've had to tell her in the past to tone it down and that part of the problem at her school was the way she treats people. So why the hell didn't you DO anything?!? IT really amazed me that she let this continue. At one point I started to pack up my stuff to go. I should have just left. I should have said,m "I am leaving. This attack is uncalled for and highly unprofessional." But of course I was caught off guard and so I just sat there. And cried. UGH! I always start crying when I get really mad. I hate that! I so did not want to cry! I was trying to not cry, but damn, she was very harsh.

I'm going to send an email to my boss telling her that the co-worker will NOT talk to me like that again. I will be filing a grievance if she does do that again.

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I read the email that you sent out originally and it does not sound the way your coworker is trying to make it sound. I am sorry that you are having all of this stress at work- you don't need it- I hope that things get better for you after this last meeting. Hope you at least were able to enjoy the long weekend. Take care and hang in there.