Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It feels like it should be Friday, but it's only Tuesday.

That really sums up my week pretty good. IT is so frustrating working with people who want to be "in charge" and have all the power. Really, it is a team effort, not a power struggle. So They originally wanted me to do the demo lesson for English teachers. I was hesitant because I had not selected the text and I had not written the lesson plan. However then the boss emailed and said I should do the demo lesson for both English-Language Arts and Social Studies. I emailed my concerns but said I would do it. I only taught the English lesson though because apparently the one girl wanted to do the social studies.

I rewrote the lesson pretty much- it was an awful piece of text and I would never have selected it, but I worked with what I had. Monday came around and the girl did AWFUL on her lesson. It was so bad. Then, I kicked ass on my lesson. It was funny because one English teacher started to walk out, she didn't want to participate, but the girl talked her into staying. In the end she said she did get something out of it and seems willing to work with us! So I felt pretty good about that lesson.

Today, the one girl did both demo lessons. They were pretty bad. There were good parts, but there were major problems. I had thought it was decided that I would be working with English and Social Studies teachers, and she would be working with Math and Science. Well, she started the Social Studies session and kept saying "I" (meaning her) would be supporting them. LAter she was talking to a teacher saying how she could support her with whatever. So I confronted her. Said I was confused since I thought I was working with Social Studies teachers. She said to me: "Oh no, this school is MY school. Plus, there has been a lot of negativity so it would be better for me to work here only" I said that sometimes it helps when you have someone from outside come in (like what we are doing at my old school). Her reply was, "Oh this isn't about personality."
I replied, "I never said it had anything to do with personality."
I couldn't get into it too much more with her because I had to leave to get home so Hubby could go to work.

I have to say that twice now I have confirmed with the boss that I WOULD be working at "her" school. I was so furious. I emailed the boss asking if we could meet tomorrow, and we are. I'm just so sick of this.

And it is really difficult to have a super stressful day then come home and have to take care of my babies as well. I love taking care of them, but it is a lot since hubby is not here with me. It's almost like we are both single parents. I was talking to hubby about this today and I was saying how I wished we were rich and he could work during the day and we could take them to day care or have a nanny. He said he wouldn't change how it is! I thought that was nice, but it is still stressful. Actually, in a perfect world, one of us could stay home all the time.

Sofia has improved with solids! She is now opening her mouth when she sees the spoon and not spitting as much out! It is so cute. And what I love so much is when I get home from work, the moment she sees me, she gives me the HUGEST smile! She is really a mama's girl. Maya also usually smiles, but she is more a daddy's girl. I love them both so much. It is so fun watching them grow up. I keep thinking, oh I wonder what they will be like as they get older. IT's all so exciting. I just cannot believe I am a mommy! It's so wonderful.

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